Who Are We

Lynn S "As a single mother, I walk into Evenings at the River tired and alone in spirit. I come from the dark into the light with fellowship of a chosen family of friends. The band Healing Stream quickly takes me to a place where I can rejoice in the privilege of God's presence and grace. I leave feeling renewed with a song on my lips and in my heart, knowing I am so much more than what I label myself to be. I am excited to work hard to extend this love out into my world once again encouraged to grow in faith."

— Lynn S.

"BUMC stood by my children and I throughout the darkest time of our lives. Where by God showed us that we are not only born into family, but we also have spiritual family, who are more powerful in our lives than our actual biological family. This is what our church means to us."

Remain Blessed.
— Toyin, Tayo, Sade, Vicky and Jimi.

"I was looking for community service and open mindedness. I liked the atmosphere of personal attention I found for my daughter in the Sunday School."

— Patti B.

"Through the years the church has been there for me in sickness and in health. I have learned so much from them. I have been able to help others as they have helped me through the years. I look forward to more time to contribute to this beautiful church with the stained glass window of Jesus with outspread hands welcoming all."

— Ginny B.

"The United Methodist Church of Burlingame has sustained my faith in Jesus and Christian hope, inspired and instilled by my wonderful parents. To this day and throughout a long life, the church has provided most of the friends who have brought meaning, joy and support to my life. Thank God for this church and all Christian churches that have blessed us all so richly."

— Ruth

"Lynn S. introduced me to BUMC. She kept telling me how great the band was and that I should come hear them. Finally after about a month, I came to the Friday night, "Evenings at the River" service. I've been coming ever since and I LOVE IT!! BUMC has changed my life in many ways and I'm very thankful and happy!"

— Wendy A.