We're re-inventing church... and we're waiting for You! You are invited to a free buffet style dinner that is served with a helping of hospitality and warm, friendly and interesting conversation. Dinner is followed by a unique, straight from the heart, high energy, mostly music worship experience, led by our house band. Here, the message is in the music... and through it, we draw closer to God and to one another. In addition to song, we hear words of inspiration, scripture readings and a time for prayer, that together help us draw closer to God as we examine what it means to be followers of Jesus Christ, here and now in the 21st century. Come and join in inspiring songs of praise and celebration as well as songs that speak to our shared burdens and struggles. This hour of music vibrates with the presence of God's spirit. Whether you are simply curious, a spiritual seeker, or have been on the spiritual road for a long time and are looking for something new and relevant, know that you are welcome and warmly invited to experience ... Evenings at the River.

Our house band is a talented collection of quality musicians that perform high energy Christian rock as well as modern acoustic and bluegrass music. They play original music and cover well known praise and worship standards as well as timeless Christian classics and old time and bluegrass selections. Our band celebrates through music and lyric, the fullness of the spiritual life in a distinct and authentic Christian context. This is the cornerstone of the Evenings at the River experience.