Meet Our Staff


Rev. Dr. Tom Hillman
    Cell/Text: 650-516-7273

Pastor Holly Hillman
    Cell Phone: 650-278-5529

Jamie Casile, Office Manager
    Church Office: 650-344-6321

Music Staff:

Will Stevens, Director of Contemporary Worship

Kriss Ibrahim, Traditional Worship Soloist and Music Leader

Committee Leaders:

Luenna Kim, Chair for the Administrative Committee

Don Creasman, Co-chair of the Vision Team

Loc Nguyen, Co-chair of the Vision Team

Holly and Tom Hillman Pastor Holly Hillman

Holly Hillman has served as a co-pastor with her husband for 33 adventurous years, traveled to 54 countries as an international flight attendant, served as an Aide for a U. S. Congressman in Immigration and State Department matters and as a docent for Oakland's Natural History Museum, swoons over roses, sings off key, finds deep fulfillment providing retreats, presenting seminars, and ministering to women inmates, seeks to fling the door wide to all God brings her way and is a mother of 4 grown children.

Rev. Dr. Tom Hillman

Tom Hillman has been a United Methodist pastor for 40 years; 33 of which he served as a co-pastor with his wife, Holly. Tom has held many leadership roles within the district and annual conference, consulted with 77 churches, coached 50 ministers and missionaries, and was chaplain to a fire department. Tom is passionate about helping people grow in Christ and find their ministry and passion, particularly during difficult transitions in life. Tom enjoys endurance activities like hiking, climbing, long distance cycling and kayak adventures, and regularly leads people up Half Dome and Mt. Whitney to draw them closer to Creation and our Creator. Tom and Holly have been married for 38 years and have three grown children: Matthew, Nathanael, and Rebecca.


Jamie Casile, Office Manager

Jamie was born and raised in Hawaii, where her extended family still resides. She has been married for 17 years, and she and her husband have been blessed with 2 daughters who attended BUMC Co-operative Nursery school. The girls loved preschool and still talk about their wonderful teachers, staff, and all the long lasting friends they made there. Jamie served on the Nursery school board as Pre-K Membership as well as Newsletter Editor. She currently serves as PTA Volunteer Coordinator at her daughter's school and as Director of Volunteerism on the Millbrae Education Foundation Board. She enjoys spending her time with her family, crafting, baking, and listening to audio-books.

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Will Stevens Will Stevens, Director of Contemporary Worship

Hi! My name is Will Stevens and I am the Director of Contemporary Worship at BUMC. I started to study music in the 4th grade, when my parents signed me up for organ lessons. My parents were deciding what would be a better home instrument, an organ or a piano. They decided on an electric organ because it had a volume control. At the time I thought it was so it could be turned up louder than a piano. I may have been mistaken about that.

I played the trumpet in the school band until orthodontics ended my trumpet career. Over the summer between 7th and 8th grades, I picked up the drums. I played the drums in the school band through high school and I was proud to be the only Junior in the history of my high school to lead the drum section of the marching band.

I grew up in Las Cruces, NM. When I wasn't playing in school band, I was involved in the many musical programs of my church, St. Paul's United Methodist. I was in the youth choir, the bell choir, and also in a group of youth that performed musicals around the state of NM.

I attended NMSU for three semesters as a music major before transferring to the University of North Texas, where I studied Music Performance with an emphasis in Jazz Studies. After college, I moved to Austin, TX and toured around the midwest with a couple of different musical acts. I moved out to California in 1995 to join a rock band with some friends from NM that were living in San Francisco. I've been here ever since.

Today, I'm very happy to be making music with the wonderful and talented musicians that are part of our BUMC house band, Healing Stream.

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Kriss Ibrahim Kriss Ibrahim, Soloist and Song Leader for the 11am Traditional Service

Kriss Engen Ibrahim was born in Buffalo, New York, and moved to tiny Shelton, Washington at the age of 4. Shortly thereafter, she began singing in church and at the age of 10 joined the adult choir. Voice lessons followed soon after, and throughout school she enjoyed performing in plays, musical theater, and drama club.

At 17, she auditioned for and was accepted to study at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music as a Vocal Performance major, and made her transition to city life. She studied with Lenoir Hosack and others, and worked hard, learning much during her time there.

At 23, she married her husband, Pierre, settling down to raise a family. Kriss became a mother to four, now adult, children, Kevin, Alexander, Jacquelyn, and Matthew, devoting twenty years to full time motherhood. She now has the delight of being "Mimi" to Krystian and Trystan, Kevin's children.

In 2003, music returned to Kriss' life, when she began singing with the New Vision UMC choir and various regional choruses. She undertook studies with Norman De Vol, and some exciting opportunities were opened to her. She was the soprano soloist for the West Marin Festival Singers, in which she (among other things) performed various solo and operatic roles in a Mozart festival, and was twice the soprano soloist for the Sing it Yourself Messiah in West Marin.

Kriss has been soloist in many churches in the community. She is especially honored to have sung at many memorials, funerals, and wakes throughout the Bay Area. She also has a calling to children's ministry and served as Children's Ministry Director at New Vision UMC. She had the joy of a running a program for the children, that included music, drama, and even a puppet theatre with her son, Matthew. She feels a special bond to children on the autism spectrum. Kriss has a passion for fashion, enjoys reading (especially forensic and mystery novels), and adores animals, in particular her beloved Shih Tzu Gizmo. She surprises many by being an avid Star Trek fan. It is her honor and blessing to join the Burlingame United Methodist Worship Team, as a singer and hymn leader.

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Luenna Kim Luenna Kim, Chair for the Administrative Committee

Luenna Kim was born into a family of Christians who showed her God's love and grace through their service to the church and to the homeless in Seattle. During the past fifty years, she has experienced times of joy, peace, failure, and pain. She has learned to trust in God's goodness and to watch in wonder as He performs unexpected miracles in her life and in the lives of her family. Luenna writes:

"I came to Burlingame United Methodist Church 8 years ago during one of the hardest times in my life. Although I had been raised in the church I had not attended one in years and I wasn't necessarily planning on attending one anytime soon. I believed in Christ but I didn't have a relationship with Him.

"I still clearly recall when a woman came up to me after one of my first Sundays — with her arms outstretched — telling me I needed a hug. The warmth, welcome, and comfort I received from her was unforgettable. I don't remember who that woman was — I so wish I did. I think of her every once in a while when I enter the Sanctuary. If you were that woman who hugged a grief stricken stranger years ago — it was me.

"Since that time, there have been so many people at BUMC who have welcomed me, prayed with me, and encouraged me. I pray our church is a place that is warm, welcoming, and comforting to all — for those who have been members for years and for those who wander in because they have nowhere else to go."

Luenna serves as the Director of Human Resources for the San Francisco Human Services Agency. She has worked as a public defender, a legal recruiter for a Fortune 500 company, a labor relations manager, and as a human resources director for a public-school district and a charter management organization. She was recently appointed as a San Francisco Housing Authority Commissioner. She volunteers as the Executive Director for the National Society of Newspaper Columnists Education Foundation and as the Supervisory Committee Chair for the San Francisco Federal Credit Union. She holds a bachelor's degree in Psychology from Boston University and a law degree from Suffolk Law School in Boston.

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Don Creasman Don Creasman, Co-chair of the Vision Team

I was blessed by being raised in a Christian home and going to church three times a week for my entire childhood. My family moved around a lot as my dad was an Air Traffic controller and got transferred often. I was born in Miami — moved to Puerto Rico — back to Miami — to Fairbanks, Alaska — and then to Anchorage. I went to college in Idaho and then began 34 years of ministry. The first 18 years of ministry was to Youth — going from Montana, to Idaho, to Heidelberg Germany. Then I moved to the Bay Area and did 15 more years of ministry here

After 33 years of marriage and 6 fabulous kids I found myself in the deep pain and loss of a divorce. And that is when I stumbled into Burlingame United Methodist Church. The spirit of love and grace here was just the healing and encouragement I needed during a very painful time of brokenness.

I absolutely love being part of the Friday Night Ministry — Evenings at the River. It is such a joy to remind this wonderful Community every week that God loves them unconditionally — beyond their wildest imagination — just as they are!

I have been involved with mission trips for over 30 years and have had the blessing of traveling to 4 different continents. Most recently I have had the privilege to travel to Ensenada, Mexico and work with migrant children. Over the last 15 years we have been able to build homes, do repairs, offer free dental clinics and provide summer camps for kids. We have also sent down Christmas backpacks for many years

My favorite Bible passage might be the story of the Prodigal Son found in Luke 15. I love the outdoors and enjoy paragliding in Pacifica, right near my house. I spend two days a week providing childcare to my goddaughter, Vivien. She has brought a lot of sunshine into my life!

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Loc Nguyen Loc Nguyen, Co-chair of the Vision Team

The youngest of eight children, Loc spent the first three years of his life in Vietnam. When it was no longer safe to remain there, his father courageously saved the lives of his family and of many others by piloting a tugboat filled with people, narrowly escaping under fire. The BUMC community sponsored their family and provided for all of their needs when they arrived in the Bay Area. They assimilated quickly into American life, and Loc had a typical childhood in San Mateo, surrounded by his active, tightly-knit family.

Loc has been a church member for over 40 years, participating in many different capacities, from bell choir to washing dishes and everything in between. The kindness and example of BUMC members, the pillars of the church, have influenced his commitment to serving others. He appreciates their steadfast ethic of working behind the scenes to support and strengthen the church. They encouraged Loc to stay on a good path in life.

His family also instilled in him the importance of doing what is right. His father, who passed away five years ago, was an excellent cook and a stable, nurturing presence in his life, modeling the type of dad that Loc wanted to be. His mother is a strong, independent, wise woman who taught her children to be humble and to be self-assured without putting themselves above others.

When he was in 11th grade, Loc decided to become an educator. His older sister was in education, and he saw the benefit that learning brings to children. Currently a first grade teacher in San Jose, he has been a vice principal, a principal, and a district-level administrator during his 25-year career. Coming full circle, he can now appreciate all aspects of the school system.

Eighteen years ago, Loc and his father started the Humanitarian Project with the full support of the congregation, providing a hot breakfast to the needy of our community on the last Saturday of every month. The motto of the breakfast has always been to feed people's souls as well as their bodies. This year, he is wrapping up three years as the lead of the Missions/Outreach team, but he looks forward to continuing to serve the church as the Vision co-lead.

He enjoys fishing with his 12-year-old son Tobey and walking his dog Bella, a Chihuahua/Yorkshire Terrier mix.

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